Preemie Clothes Buying Guide

Preemie Bodysuits

Preemie Bodysuits
Bodysuits especially designed for the preemie baby.

What’s the difference between a Carter Onesie®, bodysuit or a body shirt? If we’re talking about function, there’s virtually no difference.

They are best described as a t-shirt that extends to the crotch and fastens there with snaps or Velcro. Since this design gives easy access for changing a diaper some makers call these garments diaper shirts.

In terms of look and feel, however, there can be a vast difference in fabrics, prints, designs, cuts, and closures that provides a smorgasbord that will satisfy nearly every taste and budget.

Many of today’s styles are very decorative and are often worn with just a pair of pants or even alone.  All can be worn under a preemie dress, romper, or pants.

Check out our bodysuit sets and our long-sleeved bodysuits as well.

Preemie Sleepers and  Preemie Gowns

Preemie Sleepers, Preemie Rompers, Preemie Gowns
Preemie Sleepers, Rompers, and Gowns

In most cases, sleeping gowns are much easier to put on a baby, especially a preemie. On the downside, gowns tend to creep up and expose little toes and even thighs.

For obvious reasons, preemie sleepers (footies) keep the lower body covered, so they are better when the baby’s warmth is a consideration.

If you’re not sure what will work best for you, the best option may be a preemie convert-a-gown. Convert-a-gowns easily become a gown or coverall-romper, even while your preemie is wearing it, simply by changing the way the snaps are fastened.

Preemie Dresses

Preemie Dresses
Preemie Dresses for All Occasions

Yes, they really make dresses for preemies. Although some of our formal dresses are really intended for reborn dolls, they can also be used for special or religious occasions. Several of our  dress styles are NICU friendly and we also have an assortment of 100% pima cotton dresses.

Preemie Hats, Bonnets, Scratch Mitts, and Preemie Footwear

Preemie Hats, Preemie Bonnets, Preemie Scratch Mitts, Preemie Footwear
Preemie Hats, Bonnets, Bibs, Scratch Mitts and Footwear

Preemie accessories help provide warmth and protection, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute, too! Keeping the head warm is most important, especially when your baby is not in a heated isolette. We have a wide selection of bonnets, knotted caps, and hats.

Feet can get cold too so we have a nice
collection of preemie booties,  tights and legwarmers. Keeping a preemie’s hands warm is not a priority but covering tiny fingernails is helpful for babies who tend to scratch their delicate faces when they flail their arms. Scratch mitts gently provide this important protection.

Preemie Comfort and Care Items

Blankets, Preemie Pacifiers, Preemie Calming Items
Preemie Comfort Items

Instant comfort is priority number one when trying to sooth a crying baby –  especially in the middle of the night! A pacifier, or pacifier toy can be just the ticket. You might also try our organic calming spray.

A stack of folded blankets is a welcome sight when you’re wanting to find an attractive wrap to coordinate with what she’s already wearing. Since preemies can have super-sensitive skin, an arsenal of preemie hair and skin care products including organic shampoo and organic conditioners is essential to provide gentle, yet necessary cleansing and care.

Preemie T-Shirts and Preemie Pants

Preemie T-Shirts, Preemie Pants, Preemie Pants Sets
Coordinated Preemie Outfits and Separates

Many of our preemie tees feature front openings with velcro fasteners. Great for layer dressing or even combined with preemie pants sets or preemie shorts sets. Diaper covers also provide a way to make a baby look special when she is only wearing a diaper. Because most of these tops and bottoms can be worn in combination with so many other garments, they add great versatility to baby’s wardrobe.

Preemie Diapers and Diaper Care Products

Preemie Diapers, Diaper Creams, Diapering Systems
Preemie Diaper Care Products

There are several options in the preemie diapering arena: Cloth diapers can now be used with disposable liners, there are preemie diapering systems that provide the ease of disposable and the health, cost, and environmental advantages of cloth diapers. We also carry standard disposable preemie diapers.

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