The Dad of a micro preemie Shares His NICU Experience

Looking at the incubator too long…

Having a baby in the NICU for months can take its toll on mom, dad, and family. Here’s a peek into the experience from the dad’s point of view. This video is a bit technical but it presents some good information about the struggles and novel ideas that helped he and his wife through the 5+ months that his son was in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Survival story of a 1.5 lb. Micro Preemie

This documentary is encouraging and exhilarating!

It used to be that a baby born prior to 30 weeks had little chance of survival. Ward Miles was born 3-1/2 months early (at 26 weeks)! Great medical care and lots of love and attention brought him through a course filled with challenges and setbacks.

After spending 107 days in the NICU and just as many nights without his mother, Ward finally got to come home. Today, even his doctors say there is nothing that suggests that he was a preemie. Please view the update video below:

We would like to recommend the Graham’s Foundation to anyone who is in the middle of the difficult journey through the NICU.